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Driveway Sealing

  • High quality commercial grade oil-base asphalt sealer
  • Oil spot primer if necessary to treat gas, oil and coolant leaks.

(Oil spots can be treated with oil spot primer, the primer creates a barrier between the oil spot and the sealer enabling the sealer to adhere to the asphalt. This step is highly recommended.)


  • Clean out all weeds

  • sweep out dirt, grass, debris from edges and cracks. (pick up and remove excess)

  • Power blow driveway

We take extra care preparing your driveway before applying sealer.


  • Blocker board used to prevent over spray (taping off areas if necessary)

  • The product is a spray application so we can control exactly how much material goes down to ensure a quality job

Additional Services

  • Oil spot treatment (gas, oil and coolant leaks)

  • Crack filling (to prevent cracks from expanding)

  • Patch work (driveway repair)

Seal-coating  provides a consistently high level of protection for the asphalt, ensuring that it will last longer. It is an economical and beneficial way to maintain your driveway. We recommend every 1 to 2 years.